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Patterns + Pancakes

Patterns + Pancakes

(or bagels or coffee or whatever else you enjoy on a weekend morning)

Today (and every Sunday) we're dishing out a fresh stack of some of our favorite pattern finds from the week.
We love our inbox this time of year. Not a day goes by when we're not opening an email announcing a new design or reminder of a classic pattern. Whether it's a hat or a sweater, the excitement for these knits gives us a renewed vigor to cast on something new for the season. We find ourselves scrolling through Instagram and Ravelry a bit more than usual and texting our best knitting friends our favorite finds. Here are some of the patterns that we are crushing on this week. 



B-Side Hat
by Carina Spencer

[115 - 195 yards worsted weight yarn ]



by Kate Davies

[240 yards DK weight yarn]


by Cristina Ghirlanda

[399 - 809 yards of Aran weight yarn]


Mix It Up Stash Sweater
by Shaina Bilow

[825 - 1825 yards bulky weight yarn]



The Best Banana Bread 

We're not entirely sure how banana bread became a breakfast food as it's basically cake, but we will never, ever complain. Our favorite recipe should come as no surprise since it's the self-proclaimed best. But we're here to say that it actually really is the best. And not only is it the best to eat, but it's fun to make - the Interns have been making it as long as they could dump ingredients in a bowl. They graduated to cracking eggs and now they might have the recipe memorized. 

We make this recipe without nuts and without the icing. We also put a piece of tin foil over the pan after about 30 minutes of baking. This keeps the top from getting too brown as it cooks for another 30 minutes. And if you want to double the recipe, you can easily freeze the second load.  



Join us over in our Ravelry group to sound off on what patterns you're loving this week! 

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