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How to Attach a Removable Pom Pom

How to Attach a Removable Pom Pom

We love a pom pom, but there are some instances when a hat would do better without one. Like when your hat needs to be washed or when you need to wear it under a hood. To accommodate all wardrobe needs – including swapping a pom out for another pom – it is helpful to make your pom pom removable.

Adding a removable pom pom starts with a single button. After finishing your hat, use the length of yarn you used to close the hat to sew a button (between 1/2″ – 1″ in circumference) to the inside of the hat where you closed/finished it.

If you have a store-bought faux fur pom pom, check to see if it comes with an elastic loop. If so, use that to securely attach the pom pom to the button. If you have made your own, you will use the ends of yarn that you used to secure your pom pom's center.

Position the pom pom on the outside of the hat, opposite the position of the button. Use a crochet hook, or other handy curved tool, and insert it through your hat from the inside out. Use the crochet hook to grab the elastic loop.

If you're using a homemade pom pom, use a darning needle to thread the yarn ends through the top of the hat. 

Pull the hook through into the inside of the hat and wrap the elastic loop around the button. You may need to wrap it around the button twice to strongly secure it.

If you have a handmade pom pom, use the length of yarn you used to tie the pom pom to the button. A simple bow will do. 


With this simple button trick, you can wear a hat with or without a pom, or switch the poms out to fit your mood! A simple hack with big (and fluffy!) rewards!


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