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Alternatives to Kitchener Stitch

Alternatives to Kitchener Stitch

Kitchener Stitch is a beautiful and seamless way to connect to pieces of knitting together. It is a technique used, most commonly, to close the toe of a cuff down sock, but it can be used in cowls, mitts, and hats, too. But for those who don't like the technique, there are alternatives to Kitchener Stitch. 

Kitchener Stitch is a common technique, but it is not one that is universally loved. Even some of the best of knitters don't know how to Kitchener Stitch without first watching a tutorial video. And there are some knitters who will go out of their way to avoid it completely. 

For those who don't love Kitchener Stitch, here are two alternative methods for seaming or grafting a project:

The Finchley Graft 

Flip your work inside out and use a yarn needle to seam your live stitches in a more straight forward way. Watch a demo from Roxanne Richardson here:

The Russian Graft

Even though this method uses a crochet hook, it may be more intuitive than the Kitchener Stitch. Watch this tutorial from Ten Rows a Day:

If you have tried either of these methods, we'd love to hear which you prefer. Or sound off below and let us know if you have a different method you love. 

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